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Charges to your credit card may occur at time of booking or upon arrival at your destination subject to the type of booking.

Accommodation Only Bookings: For accommodation only bookings (i.e.: no attractions/tickets booked along with accommodation) the individual property payment, deposit and cancellation policies that appear will apply. Accommodation only bookings do not include vouchers. Please check in directly with the accommodator upon arrival.

Parking: Additional fees and/or reservations may be required for parking at some properties.

No Transfers: Your booking is non- transferable.

Trip Cancellation Insurance: Meridian Reservation Systems does not provide Trip Cancellation Insurance. If you wish to purchase Trip Cancellation Insurance, please contact a travel agency. Please note that such insurance must be purchased on the same date as this booking.

Out of Province Health Insurance:Meridian Reservation Systems recommends that all travelers, especially those residing outside of Ontario, purchase health insurance. Please contact your insurance agent to purchase this insurance.

Personal Information: As a Canadian company, Meridian Reservation Systems is now required by law to gain the express (rather than implied) consent of the owner of the personal information on this form, to access and use the information to make the reservation. We are also required to inform the owner of the personal information submitted on this form, that we will be sharing the personal information provided, with the vendor you have booked. If you are completing this form on behalf of another person we require the consent of that person to pass on their details to the vendor. By ticking the check box below you are accepting the terms and condition of this reservation and you are in addition:

1. Confirming that you are the owner of the personal information contained in this form; and

2. Giving your express consent to Meridian Reservation Systems to share this information with the vendor you have chosen.

Please note credit card information will be 100% secure and will not be shared with any third party, after the transaction point with (Meridian Reservation Systems or agent). Further, we cannot accept or record your booking without this consent. The e-mail address you provide for order processing, will only be used to send you information and updates pertaining to your order. If you decide to opt-in to our mailing list, you will receive e-mails that may include company news, updates, related product or service information and promotions. However, you may opt-out at any time by clicking the unsubscribe button at the bottom of your e-mails.

Meridian Reservation Systems is the official booking agent for

Meridian Reservation Systems
5400 Robinson St, 2nd Floor Pyramid Place
Niagara Falls, On L2G 2A6
Phone: 905-354-7330

Fax: 905-354-1656
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Price increases are not permitted once the reservation has been made.

Payment Policies Deposit Information
All offer/package sales (accommodation and attraction(s) booked in one single transaction) and attraction sales are FINAL. Credit Card Payments A valid credit card must be entered in order to complete the transaction. Prices are quoted in; and your credit card will be charged in Canadian Dollars. Please print this email as this is your electronic receipt.
Cancellation Policies
Cancellation Policy

All offer/package sales (accommodation and attraction(s) booked in one single transaction) are FINAL. Date Changes: Any changes to offer/package bookings must be requested of Meridian Reservation Systems in writing at least 7 days prior to the original arrival date. Changes are subject to the approval of Meridian Reservation Systems, and availability of the accommodation and attraction(s) booked. In the event of a change in dates to an offer/package the dates for ALL attraction vouchers purchased as part of that package will be changed to show uniform periods of validity. There will be a $25.00 charge for any package changes made after booking.

All cancellations for offers/packages must be made directly in writing to Meridian Reservation Systems and are subject to at $25.00 fee. Cancellations are not permitted for travel to commence in less than 7 days. For cancellation requests received less than 7 days prior to arrival date, no-shows and customers who depart early, up to the full amount of the package may be forfeited, unless the package may be resold.

1) To alter your accommodation only dates of stay, please call the accommodator directly or call 1-877-641-4653 x226

2) To cancel your accommodation only booking, please contact the accommodator directly.

3) To alter your offer/package (accommodation and attraction) booking, please contact Meridian Reservation Systems at your earliest convenience.

4) All attractions tickets are a final sale and cannot be refunded.

Lost or Stolen vouchers: Please treat your attraction vouchers as cash. Meridian Reservation Systems cannot replace lost or stolen attraction vouchers.

Currency Conversions
Rates for rooms & offers/packages shown in foreign currencies are for estimation only and may be subject to currency fluctuations.